• Zhejiang Qunzhan Precision Fasteners Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2011, the company aims to develop, manufacture and sell high-end fasteners and precision components. Especially for the professional production of automobile industry, construction machinery and high-strength non-standard bolts.

  • High-end industrial fastening system, a comprehensive solution

Technical team

Technical Team

  • Technical manager
    Technical manager

    Engaged in related industries for 16 years, expertise: product development, APQP, engineering mechanics fasteners and process design.

  • Design engineer
    Design engineer

    At present, there are 16 people in total, who have been engaged in related industries for more than 6 years. Expertise: stamping die design.

  • Heat treatment engineer
    Heat treatment engineer

    Engaged in related industries for 12 years, expertise: material heat treatment, material mechanics, mechanical design, crystal phase analysis.

  • Surface treatment engineer
    Surface treatment engineer

    Engaged in related industries for 17 years, expertise: metal surface treatment, chemical analysis, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry.

  • 2011

    Founded in
  • 54000

    Company area
  • 24000t

    Annual output
  • 85million

    Total investment

corporate vision


  • In terms of quality, delivery time, technology, cost, service, etc., Group Exhibition is a precision world-class "professional manufacturer of high-end fasteners"

  • Became the first spare parts company in China to win the "National Quality Award"

  • Practice the ideal of "Happy Enterprise"

  • Satisfy customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees

  • Create a friendly environment for "Park Chemical Factory" - Expand greening and planting

  • Think about the factory layout with the basic elements of music, breaking the stereotype of "dirty and messy" production factories

  • To build a green enterprise with "low carbon green energy"

  • A large number of greening and landscaping in the factory area, natural ecological purification of water resources, recycling and reuse, reducing waste